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Millenial Women in the Workplace

with Sridharan Nair & Suit Fang Chin

The month of March is special in the celebration of international women's day.  Every organization that is even remotely serious about inclusion and diversity hosts panels and forums to mark the event. However it will take much more than marking the occasion to get the women and workplace equation right. We need hard facts and data to support what the women are asking for. PWC did a recent study (access here: Millenial work in the workplace) to highlight the trends that organizations and HR needs to pay attention to inorder to create a more inclusive workplace and to develop the next generation of women leaders.
We are delighted to welcome PWC leadership of Sridharan Nair (Managing Partner and CEO) and Suit Fang (Senior executive director) to the chat ! I have had the great honor of learning from them via twitter and in person and now we as a community can tap into their insights and that of the PWC report. We shall be discussing the following questions:
  1. Is generations a useful way of classifying women in the workplace ?
  2. In what ways do MW differ from previous generations of women?
  3.  What is the opportunity presented by MW in the workplace ?
  4.  Are MW & MM really so different in terms of expectations and needs?
  5. What should be the means of reward and retention of MW ?
  6. 71 % of MW want to work overseas. What biases must be overcome to enable this ?
  7. In Asia many MW leave work to focus on family what can organizations do to change this.
  8.  What competencies do you wish the MW had more of to set them up for greater success ?
Sridharan Nair is PwC Malaysia's Managing Partner and CEO of PwC SEAPEN  Region. The PwC SEAPEN Region comprises Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam,  Cambodia and Laos and employs more than 3,000 people.  As PwC Malaysia Managing Partner, Sri runs the firm, including day-to-day operations, and makes strategic decisions on how to take PwC forward amidst a dynamic business environment. He also takes a personal  interest in grooming new talent for senior positions in the firm.
 He has 23 years' experience in audit and business advisory services, having worked with a wide range of clients in the UK and Malaysia. Over the years, he has led a portfolio of large listed client engagements across various industries and a number of cross border financial due diligence assignments.Sri is a regular speaker at local and international forums where he is known for his points of view on current business issues, leadership, managing talent and social media.

He is an alumnus of University Malaya and trained as a Chartered Accountant with Touche Ross & Co in London, where he qualified as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). He is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.
Chin Suit Fang is Markets Leader at PwC Malaysia, and is part of the firm's leadership team or Executive Board. As Markets Leader her role encompasses Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing & Communications, Branding and Business Research & Knowledge Management.
She works with the firm's leaders in driving the firm's growth and strategic thrusts, targeting and proposal support and positioning the firm in its key Points of View. Qualified as an accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, it opened doors for her to an enriching career with PwC Malaysia. Her skills developed during her formative years as an accountant paved the way for her to pursue a career in both Human Capital, and later, Markets. Suit Fang takes a personal interest in developing PwC Malaysia's next generation of leaders. She plays an active role in mentoring and coaching several of the firm's directors and managers. She also speaks actively on gender diversity and managing Gen Y talent at various forums. She is PwC Malaysia's Diversity Leader and was a past member of the PwC Global Gender Advisory Council.
She actively engages with her staff, the Gen Y and other external stakeholders on Twitter. Follow her @suitfang – she’d like to have a conversation with you. A proud mother of two daughters, she loves good food and enjoys learning from her children and Gen Ys who keep her young  at heart.
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