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Strengthening the Leadership Culture from Within: with Elango R, CHRO, MphasiS

with Elango R, Chief Human Resources Officer, MphasiS

Elango is the Chief Human Resources Officer for MphasiS and has been at the helm of integrating the organization through its many mergers and acquisitions.  From 15000 to now over 40000 and growing, Elango has blended the mass hiring and people management routine that is the trademark of most Indian IT companies with the critical function of leadership development and grooming that will secure MphasiS’ future as a leader in industry.
Elango is passionate about about organization culture, building the next line of leadership and inclusive leadership practices. While managing a vast portfolio, Elango still makes time to regularly reach out through his blogs and on twitter.  TElango is also a regular columnist in India’s Top Leadership and Strategic HR Magazine – People Matters and has also been published with the Wall Street Journal.
Besides leading the HR function, over the decade that Elango has been with MphasiS, he has lead the office of Business Operations, Marketing and Corporate communications.  In some of his prior avatars, Elango served as Senior Vice President Human Resources for Bank of America’s offshoring unit in India, worked with The UB Group, The Raheja Group and Quality Inns India Pvt. Ltd. Don’t forget to like his wonderful facebook page
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